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How it works
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In order to start shopping in the U.S. online stores and use our services for delivery of goods to your address, please, register on our website


Upon registration, you will receive your personal customer number (client ID), which you need to put in the delivery address when shopping at the U.S. online stores.




When buying products, please, address them to our warehouse indicating in the address of the recipient (ship to: or delivery address) a 6-digit number of your personal account (client ID), which you will receive after registration.

Immediately after receiving a tracking number from a seller, please enter it into your myMeest account. 

If the store does not accept your bank card, you can use our Shopping Assistance service, and we shall purchase the goods for you. The cost of such service is 9% of the value of the goods or there is $2 minimum per transaction.


When registering your goods with, you may use the option “Click and Send”. This option will facilitate the express processing of your goods in our warehouse.

To help reduce international shipping costs, you may want to consolidate multiple orders from different sources to one or fewer parcels, please deselect the Checkbox. 

Enter the tracking number supplied by your U.S. courier that is delivering your goods to our U.S address. This will expedite receipt of your goods. This will also help eliminate the goods registration charge to your account. 

Your biggest advantage is the ability to order additional services prior to the date of your goods' receipt by our warehouse. Additional services include weight confirmation, sender's information authentication, photography of shipped goods, assessment of goods' performance, the return of goods to the store and consolidation or division of your orders for export.




Once we pack your goods and prepare documents for international shipping, you will be sent a bill by email, please, log into your account and make a payment for shipping .

Payment can be made for a single package as well as for a few at a time.
We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard.




Packages in the destination countries can be delivered:
- To the address
- To the branch

You can track the status of your package while it is in our warehouse in your personal account or in transit to you on our website

How to shop at U.S. online stores with a VPN?

It's very simple!
Go to the Google Store in Google Chrome and type the desired extension name in the search bar
Locate your preferred VPN proxy service in displayed search results and click the Install button
After installation, select the USA from the pop-up menu and go to your chosen online store


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