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In order to start shopping in the U.S. and use our services for delivering your goods, please, register on our website

Our video instruction is a step-by-step guide on how to easily use your account.

Upon registration, you will receive your personal customer number (client ID), which you need to put in the delivery address when shopping at the U.S. online stores.



When buying products, please, address them to our warehouse indicating in the address of the recipient (ship to: or delivery address) a 6-digit number of your personal account (client ID), which you will receive after registration.
Here is аn example of our delivery address:

Main office and warehouse


Our warehouse in the tax free state, Delaware

Your first name and last
600 Markley Street, suite (Your account #)
Port Reading, NJ 07064
  Your first name and last
460 Copper Drive, suite (Your account #)
Newport, DE 19804

If the store does not accept your bank card, you can use our Shopping Assistance service, and we shall purchase the goods for you.
The cost of such service is 7% of the value of the goods or there is $2 minimum per transaction.


When registering your goods in, you will be offered to choose the option - "Ship without consolidation" . This option will minimize the time your goods are stored in our warehouse, and in some cases, they are shipped out to you on the same day they are recieved by our warehouse from the store.

If you want to combine multiple orders from different stores in one parcel, repackage the goods in order to reduce the weight and bulk, and as a result, to reduce the cost of delivery, you need to choose the option - 
"Leave at the warehouse and combine with other packages."

Our big advantage is your ability to order additional services prior to the date of your goods' receipt in our warehouse. Additional services include: checking the weight and sender's information, making pictures of goods, checking the goods' performance, returning the goods back to the store, consolidation or dividing orders into several parcels for export.




Upon receipt of the bill by email, please, log into your account and make a payment for shipping .

Payment can be made for a single package as well as for a few at a time.
We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard.

In some countries, there is a possibility to pay the bill for shipping upon receipt of the goods.



Packages in the destination countries can be delivered:
- To the address
- To the branch

You can track the status of your package while it is in our warehouse in your personal account or in transit to you on our website


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