If your credit card does not work overseas you can use our "Shopping Assistance" service. 

The cost of this service is 7% of purchase price or min $2 per transaction.

Once you pay our invoice, we will buy requested item and register it in your account. Our shopping Assistant is available at any time to answer all your questions. 


How does it work?

Pick a product
Pick a product at the U.S. online store
Register at and get a personal account
Create a request
Provide all necessary information about the product you wish to buy
Pay for your order
Pay the invoice
Receive confirmation
Upon receipt of the product, tracking number will be registered in your account
Order to ship
Create a shipment in your account
Receive goods
You can receive your goods at any Meest-Express office in Ukraine, or the goods will be delivered at the address you provided

Shopping Assistance

Fill out Shopping Assistance Form and press “Create”

In order to create request
login or sign up

Delivery in the USA




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to look for goods?

    You can order our shopping assistance service to buy from several hundred online stores in the USA. Our stores’ catalog can be used to find the most popular online stores in the United States.

  • How to order shopping assistance service?

    In order to use our shopping assistance service, you need to register online at  and create a request for goods you want to buy.

  • How to submit a request for a purchase?

    Create a request for shopping assistance. Please, provide us with detailed information about the product you want us to buy for you and click “Create”

    Our shopping assistant will process your request and issue an invoice. Having received your payment, we will buy requested goods and register them in your online account.

    You will receive all updates regarding your order by e-mail from the moment we receive your request for the purchase

  • How to pay for my order?

    Our shopping assistants will process your request and issue an invoice. You can make a payment through your account at using Visa and MasterCard.

    The cost of this service is 7% of purchase price or min $2 per transaction.

    Having received your payment, we will buy requested goods and register them in your online account, and you will be able to order its’ delivery form the USA to your final destination.

    Our shopping assistant will work with you through entire process and will be able to answer all your questions. If for some reason we will not be able to buy requested goods your funds will be returned. Refund can take from 3 to 7 business days.

  • How to check the status of my order?

    You will receive notifications with updates on your order by e-mail.

    Our shopping assistant will register goods in your account and upon arrival to our warehouse they will be reflected in your account so you can create request for shipping them out of the United States. 

  • How to order shipment of your goods from the United States?

    After we receive ordered goods at our warehouse, you have a choice to have the goods shipped to you immediately without consolidation or have them combined  with your other goods.

    More details can be found here

    1.1 Before you order a shipment, you need to add recipient’s contact information. Go to, choose “Edit Account” – Add home delivery or Delivery to the branch. Then fill up required fields and press “Save changes”. Than you will need to confirm all changes made. Please press send confirmation to your e-mail address and go to your e-mail account inbox. Look for e-mail from Meest America, open it and press “Confirm”. All changes will be reflected in your account immediately. You will always have an option to choose delivery address among those registered in your account.

    1.2 Next, please press “Create shipment” and chose all orders you would like us to ship and payment methods and press “Create”. Review all information provided, and if there are no changes to be made, please, press “Send request”. After this point no more changes can be done.

    1.3 After we pack and process your request, an invoice will be generated. Please pay your invoice on time in order to avoid delays.

  • How to receive goods?

    Tracking system is available online on our websites,, by valid CV number.

    You can receive goods at any Meest-Express  office or at the address provided.

    To obtain delivery information in Ukraine, please call our customer service in Ukraine:

    (050) 432 77 07, (067) 432 77 07
    Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 8:00pm; Sat: 9:00am - 4:00pm


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